About Zesh Solutions

Zesh Solutions is known by its customers for providing the promised results using the best possible time. We at Zesh Solutions are always busy serving our customers tired of the extra cost associated with their business operations. We help businesses to outsource their operations like Customer Service, Virtual Assistance, Inbound and Outbound calls, Back office support, and Digital marketing services with maximum efficiency. We have unique plans for companies as per their industry and needs. We are ready to face any possible scenario that can save you time and money by outsourcing your functions. For more detail on our operations or anything else, please contact us, and will get back to you.

Our Vision

Our vision is fueled by an in-depth knowledge of the difficulties that organizations today must overcome, from escalating customer demands to changing dynamics in the market and innovative technologies. We understand that in order to overcome these difficulties, business planning must be rethought in a way that is adaptable, nimble, and centered on generating value over time.

In order to assist businesses in navigating the complexity of the contemporary economy, we are dedicated to being at the forefront of this new strategy. Our objective is to give our clients the direction and assistance they require to accomplish their objectives, whether those objectives entail establishing new markets, streamlining existing processes, or developing cutting-edge new goods and services.

We are committed to establishing enduring partnerships based on trust, openness, and respect in order to become the partner of choice for companies looking for sustainable success. We are confident that by getting to know our clients well and comprehending their individual demands, we can provide customized solutions that provide noticeable results.

Above everything else, our vision focuses on building a better future for organizations, local communities, and society at large. We think that by enabling businesses to develop, we can promote economic growth and prosperity and build a more just and sustainable world for future generations.

Our Mission

Zesh Solutions’ mission is to enable companies of all sizes and in all sectors to expand sustainably and be successful over the long run. We are aware of the numerous issues businesses confront in today’s fiercely competitive economy, including rising customer demands, constantly evolving technologies, and changing market patterns.

In order for our clients to succeed in an environment where businesses are always evolving, we strive to give them the knowledge, skills, and resources they require. We accomplish this by approaching corporate strategy comprehensively and emphasizing on developing solutions for the long term that bring ongoing value and durability.

We believe building solid foundations that can weather market turbulence and economic downturns, in our opinion, is the key to attaining sustainable growth that is not just about making short-term gains. This necessitates an in-depth knowledge of the businesses and industries of our clients, as well as an ongoing commitment to constant partnership and interaction.

We are dedicated to establishing enduring connections with our clients that are founded on mutual respect, honesty, and trust. We think that by banding together, we can forge a future that is better for both businesses and communities, fostering long-term prosperity.

Our culture

We have a friendly corporate culture to empower our employees in achieving the best. To deliver the ideal solutions and ideas to our consumers, our motivating working style promotes honesty, unity, and transparency to all extents. The employees have a strong bond with the company and managers, and love to work here.

Security and infrastructure

We have computers with high specification and great communication tools, as well as reliable power generation and have UPS in case of power breakdown. Using all industry standard products and services, we are able to offer one of the best levels of security. We respect our client’s data and ensure data reliability, we make use of various modern safety technologies and make sure the data are safe.

How we work

At Zesh Solutions, we take great satisfaction in being a trusted partner to our clients, assisting them every step of the way to accomplish their objectives. We offer the knowledge and experience to support you in your endeavors, whether you want to increase your revenue, expand your customer base, or streamline your business processes.


We put a lot of effort into creating comprehensive solutions that meet the complex, varied needs of our clients.


We approach every challenge with a "can-do" attitude because we recognize that our customers' approaches are dynamic. We conduct our business in accordance with the conviction that long-lasting relationships with customers are the best way to create value.


Here you can see the people having most curious and talented mind in their field.

Ziaul Hoque


Mehedi Hasan


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