Ten Industries we specialize

We specialize in many industries assisting small, medium or large businesses in various sector.  We can provide a total solution for any businesses that need customer support, Virtual Assistance, Back-office support or digital marketing, we have got you covered. Either your business is e-commerce or real estate or an education platform, we have got your back. We have a team of professionals to provide you with the best service. After working with many big, small and medium sized businesses across the globe, we are confident that we can help your business too!

Industries we specialize

Tailored e-commerce solutions

If you are looking to sell your products on the internet or already selling products on an ecommerce store, Zesh Solutions will take off all the tasks from your plate, starting from product uploading your products, processing orders, order confirmation, ticket opening, managing complaints and returns, solve warehousing issues, and provide consultation to improve your store. Zesh Solutions provides best ecommerce product upload services as well as support. Our product entry team are able to manage your product data and change into internet product form. We can handle little, medium, and big scale of projects.

Industries we specialize

Industry-leading Real estate solutions

Our 360 degree real estate and construction solution provides you with every support you can expect from a BPO company. We can help you with total customer service and accounting support. Our customers can work closely with the credit department, resolve credit disputes, perform great in knowledge-based campaigns, do outbound calls to set appointments, and manage documents and paperworks in need. Our in-depth knowledge of the sector means we are top placed to help you deal with the challenges running a thriving real estate business.

Industries we specialize

Versatile Cryptocurrency business solutions

It is really important to be closely involved with marketers, crypto startups and developers in the fast evolved crypto market. We have a close relationship with famous cryptocurrency professionals, well-known bitcoin millionaires, and some of the top technology gurus in this field. We also work with investment experts on evaluating, diversifying and minimizing the dangers involved.

Industries we specialize

Industry-leading Fashion industry solutions

Outsourcing is the best solution for your fashion brand. With the help of our company, you can outsource your fashion brand’s a-z customer service and increase your brand awareness. We will provide you all services at an affordable rate or you can get specific services for your fashion brand like customer service or order processing. We will make your business boom!

Industries we specialize

Reliable Healthcare Customer service

The administration jobs involved in running healthcare practice can rob you of time that you should otherwise spend into patient care. If you are a healthcare provider who is paying big operation costs, fewer refunds or hard coding procedures, outsource Zesh Solutions and save up to 70% of the costs you are spending right now. Our company can provide you with the best healthcare services to meet the needs of your practice.

Industries we specialize

Innovative solutions for Educational Institutions

It is a must to maintain 24/7 customer service in 2023 if you own an educational institution either  an Ed-tech startup, a University or any educational business, the growing competitors will not let you shine if you do not focus on 24/7 omnichannel customer support. As an outsourcing company, we have educated our staff in a very expert way. We do not only provide services to your company but also provide a scalable benefit to let you know that outsourcing Zesh Solutions was a great decision you have made. We know how to handle customers for an education business.

Industries we specialize

Versatile solutions for Financial organizations

Running your business today is a very big challenge in this economy. There are more distractions, more time required to make sure compliance with regulations and less to dedicate to key actions. Whether you run the USA or international business, outsourcing your business and finances functions will permit you and your staff to concentrate on what is vital to the business rather than administrative and compliance functions. We provide a full range of services, whether you need to establish a fresh company, manage customer service, need bookkeeping services or implement new financial processes.

Industries we specialize

Proven Mobile app business solutions

With big experience in providing pro level BPO services to mobile application businesses. A Zesh Solutions team of professional Customer service, Virtual assistance, and sales and back-office support, we can ensure huge growth opportunities for your mobile app.

Industries we specialize

Versatile Web hosting Customer services

Looking for a 24x7 outsourced website hosting support team or server management firm that can handle tickets and chats for your website hosting business with the unmatched standard? Look no further! Zesh Solutions is one of the best server support companies that gives outsourced website hosting technical support, 24x7 remote server management, proactive server monitoring and web hosting support on OS like Windows, Linux and controls panels like Direct Admin, Plesk, cPanel.

Industries we specialize

Comprehensive customer support solutions for ICO industry

If you handle personal data, you may need to sign up as a data controller with the information Commissioner's office. Registration is a statutory need and every organization that processes personal information must sign up with the ICO unless they are exempt. Failure to join is a criminal offense. As a company, we will handle all your ICO registration process.