The technology of TOPGAME TALKS ICE

Mark McGuinness, editor-in-chief of Online Bingo, spoke with Silvia Coleman, marketing executive of Topgame Technology, as the two companies prepare for another hectic week at the ICE Show, ExCel from Tuesday, February 3rd to Thursday, February 5th.

By Silvia Why is Topgame obligated to attend ICE?

ICE continues to expand and improve. Although there are numerous exhibitions to attend throughout the year, by participating in ICE, you may have the opportunity to meet a much greater number of international audiences, as the show attracts a wide variety of attendees, including not only exhibitors but also delegates. rummy gold download

As it is the beginning of a new year and a time to look ahead, the time of year is also significant; many individuals are eager to investigate all the opportunities and possibilities that the land-based and online industries may offer and incorporate them into their business strategies for the coming year.

Could you elaborate further on Topgame?

Topgame serves as a comprehensive solution provider for both brick-and-mortar and online gaming operators. We offer an extensive selection of goods and services in order to accommodate our international clientele. Our professional services team collaborates with both new and established operators to gain insights into their business requirements. This enables them to shape Topgame’s products and services into customized and focused solutions. We consider this to be of the utmost importance, given that each business is distinct and thus the products must accurately reflect those needs. rummy modern download

What is the significance of bingo to your clientele?

Bingo is one of the most well-liked land-based and online gaming activities, and its popularity has been steadily increasing in the United Kingdom, continental Europe, and internationally.

We are able to provide bingo rooms that are compatible with Unified wallets and can be seamlessly integrated into any existing operation as a stand-alone application in response to this growing demand. In addition, we are capable of localizing and tailoring the bingo experience to the particular specifications of the operator. Therefore, we encourage readers of BingoLife to visit our booth at N7-160 for a conversation. Indeed, we are presenting an entirely unique experience; however, I shall reserve that revelation for the benefit of our guests (smiles). rummy nabob download

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