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Top 10 CRM software for customer service in 2023

What is CRM Software?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) technology facilitates the management of a company's interactions and relationships with both existing and prospective customers. The objective is straightforward: Enhance business relationships to foster business growth. This particular software empowers sales professionals and marketing teams to monitor every interaction that occurs with an Advantagespect or customer. The optimal CRM software permits administrators to establish an automated workflow, which ensures prompt handling of customer inquiries by the appropriate team member. Additionally, these platforms amalgamate all communication data, which facilitates better comprehension of an Advantagespect or customer's position in the sales funnel, and facilitates tailoring outreach accordingly. Most CRM software also integrates with significant communication applications, such as email marketing software and text message marketing software, making customer communication more streamlined.

What is the use of a CRM for customer support?

Customer service and Customer relationship management are interdependent. Although some software solutions are solely dedicated to customer service and support (CSS), customer service relationship software integrates CSS functions seamlessly with marketing and sales at every stage of the customer experience, rather than just focusing on customer engagement. Enhanced customer communication results in increased customer loyalty, indicating that we must shift our perception from a one-way funnel to a circular journey. After a positive service experience, customers are more likely to return and continue shopping. 

A CRM for customer service and support is a tool designed to enhance work efficiency. The following are some of the primary features and advantages that you can obtain from a customer service CRM system.

  1. Enables quicker resolution of customer queries by customer service teams
  2. The entire support team can access real-time data on customer queries
  3. Offers a comprehensive record of all the interactions a customer has had with a company
  4. Provides timely analytics of support requests from the past
  5. Customers get a knowledge base
  6. Identify the pain points and issues faced by customers
  7. Helps in fostering better relationships with customers.
  8. Access to management tools like payroll systems

What are the best features of CRM?

Customer support CRM has several key elements that enhance the customer experience.

Firstly, customer information is captured by every department in the CRM ecosystem, ensuring accessibility by service representatives. Customers can contact support through multiple channels, including phone, email, online forms, chatting, and social media, providing them with convenient options to seek assistance.

A "ticket" with the customer's detail is created whenever a customer fills out a form with queries about an issue including the nature of the complaint, and suggestions on whom to route the ticket to for resolution. For instance, issues with account login may go to IT, while problems with delivery would go to the shipping department. The ticket may also contain details about the service-level agreement (SLA), which clarifies the expected timeframe for issue resolution, keeping both the representative and the customer aware.

Throughout the customer journey, a "workflow" system organizes and automates various steps toward issue resolution. As an example, if a customer wants to return an item that is not usable, workflows would trigger a task for shipping and inventory to promptly mail out a replacement. In the last stage, customer service software may collect feedback about the experience they had with the service, leading to improvement in the support of customers and enhancing the support quality for every future ticket.

Top 10 CRM solutions for customer service:

Customer relationship management or CRM is an essential aspect of any business that aims to increase customer loyalty and retention. There are various CRM systems available in the market designed to cater to the needs of different businesses. The right type of software improves the customer experience and solves customer issues giving you improved customer loyalty. Boost your customer bonding management expertise by exploring this fantastic overview of CRM tools designed for customer service. Discover the list of top CRM services that are best suited for your company size or focus, thanks to our helpful breakdown.

  • Agile CRM - Agile CRM offers a comprehensive suite of tools that integrates customer service features, sales, and marketing functions into a solid CRM base. The visually appealing dashboards are reasonably priced and offer great value.

Benefits: Agile CRM's Helpdesk feature segments customers based on their previous issues and routes them to experienced reps for faster resolution. The service automation feature streamlines customer communications with workflows and canned responses, while the chat pop-ups provide anticipatory solutions. The telephony system is great and able to record calls, generate auto-call logs, and automate voicemails. The feedback system builds up the knowledge base, and customer support analytics provides valuable insights.

Drawbacks: Although Agile CRM is ideal for getting started, it may become limited when scaling up a business.

Charge: Free plan for up to 10 users

Starter - $9.99 per user/month, annually billed.

Regular - $39.99 per user/month, annually billed.

Enterprise - $64.99 per user/month, annually billed.

  • Freshdesk by Freshworks: Freshdesk is a popular platform of CRM that seamlessly integrates with other “Fresh” applications. It offers a mix of tools to help customer service representatives provide personalized support, and the automation of tasks enables customers to access support resources.

Advantages: Incoming tickets from all channels are Drawbacksolidated for whole-team use, ensuring a balanced workload for reps. The intelligent ticketing system matches each issue with the most suitable rep. Every ticket comes with detailed contact profiles and a history of previous service requests. Tickets can be linked or split as needed. The platform includes automation features for responding to customers, as well as auto-suggested solutions for common issues. Customers can also search for a centralized knowledge base. The CRM gives comprehensive reporting on customer success and service rep performance.

While the free trial is excellent for startups, the most valuable features are reserved for paid plans.

- (Growth_ plan costs $15 per user/month, annually billed.
- (Pro) plan costs $49 per user/month, annually billed.
- (Enterprise) plan costs $79 per user/month, annually billed.

  • Creatio Service (Good customer service CRM for large businesses): Creatio, formerly known as Bpm’online, is a comprehensive CRM solution that encompasses sales, marketing, and service functions. This platform is ideal for growing teams that need to manage multiple accounts across various channels. What sets Creatio apart is its user-friendly interface that prioritizes relevant data for each task.

Advantages: offers a complete overview of customer data, including location, social media profiles, and service histories. Teams can share the same interface and collaborate with customers across different channels. The smart customer data management feature automatically updates profiles and fills in the missing information. New contacts through social media can be discovered. The platform allows you to group customers and set up parameters to segment them automatically. Users can also leverage Creatio's analytics capabilities to obtain valuable data and metrics regarding customer interactions, ticket-related problems, and resolution timelines.

Drawbacks: While Creatio is a powerful platform, there might be a slight learning curve to fully master all its features.


The Customer Center Cloud plan - is $45 per user/month.
Service Enterprise Cloud plan - $60 per user/month.

  • HubSpot Service Hub (Best free CRM for customer service): HubSpot, is a popular name in the CRM software industry that provides inbound marketing, customer service, and help desk software. One of its main strengths is its user-friendly interface, as well as its extensive resources to help users maximize the platform's potential, including free options which are important factors when it comes to CRM of choice.

Advantages: With HubSpot's Service Hub package, users gain access to CRM tools, including a ticketing system to prioritize and track support requests. Users can also embed a chat widget for live communication and utilize VOIP for live phone calls. All incoming messages from emails, web chats, social media chats, and app chats are gathered in a shared inbox and instantly converted into new tickets. Additionally, the platform offers a bot software tool to handle common issues, direct customers to a knowledge base, or escalate the issue to specific agents. HubSpot Service Hub also provides reports on ticket resolution and agent performance. The automation of services leads to top-class flow of the particular services required for customer satisfaction. 

Drawbacks: Users need to learn the HubSpot-specific terminology to take full advantage of the platform's features.

HubSpot offers a free plan, with paid options starting at $45 per month (Starter), $360 per month (Professional), and $1,200 per month (Enterprise), billed annually.

  • SugarCRM Serve (Top service CRM tool for case management tracking): SugarCRM is a comprehensive software that covers marketing, sales, service, and IT, and it can integrate with Microsoft Outlook. Their service product provides features to optimize team management and empower customers to self-serve.

SugarCRM allows you to set up service-rep teams based on their skills and experience, with workflows routing issues to the best match. The self-service portal lets customers access the FAQ and update their own information. The Customer Relationship Management system includes case management and bug tracking, with full access to purchase history and customer interaction details. The IT service feature provides a genealogy of a bug across multiple cases.

While SugarCRM is great for IT purposes, it may not be as effective for general customer interactions.

The Serve plan costs $80 per user/month, annually billed.

  • Zendesk (Top customer service CRM for small businesses): Zendesk is a suite of services that includes Zendesk Support, offering out-of-the-box readiness and high customizability. It is suitable for both small businesses and large corporations, as it combines support, guide, chat, and call center modules.

With the customer context tool, all reps have the relevant contact details for creating a ticket. The ticket system can prioritize support tickets from various channels, such as the web, email, and social media. Zendesk provides users with various tools to enhance their consumer support, such as the ability to generate personalized macro responses or curate a repository of frequently asked questions. The platform also includes features for tracking customer satisfaction and analyzing performance metrics. Moreover, there is a user-friendly WYSIWYG editor that simplifies the creation of standard resources, such as wikis.

While it excels as a helpdesk tool, it may lack the features of a basic CRM platform.

The support Team plan -$19 per user/month, annually billed.
The support (Professional) plan -is $49 per user/month, annually billed.
Support (Enterprise) plan -$99 per user/month, annually billed.

  • Maximizer (Top CRM for customer service for customer retention): Maximizer CRM is a comprehensive package that includes sales, marketing, and service, all for one price. The software has a professional appearance, and even the service features aim to support sales. Users can deploy the CRM either on the cloud or on-premises, depending on their specific needs and preferences.

Advantages: To kick off, Maximizer CRM synchronizes your customer cooperation across all of your data with either Gmail or Outlook. The intelligent address book allows easy access to all contact information and document storage. Related contacts can be grouped by job, industry, or location. You can standardize multiple-step solutions and reuse them as templates. There are customizable triggers for alerts and notifications, phone call logging, and a reporting dashboard.

Drawbacks: The software's look and feel could be improved, and the less expensive plan is limited to one agent.

The Small Office plan is $29 per user/month, annually billed.
The Business Plus plan is $49 per user/month, annually billed.

  • Bitrix24 (Great customer service CRM for customer interactions): Bitrix24 is a feature-rich CRM with an equal focus on sales and marketing, as well as customer support and contact center tools. It has a strong telephony component that is well-integrated.

Advantages: Bitrix24 allows you to handle support issues from multiple channels such as live chat, email, phone calls, social media, and messenger apps all in one place. Tickets can be easily monitored based on priority, status, and SLA details. Bitrix24 offers straightforward auto-reply functionalities that allow customers to receive essential information through pre-written responses tailored to their needs. Furthermore, ongoing tickets and conversations can be easily routed to the right agent, shared among agents, or transferred seamlessly during the resolution process.

Drawbacks: The Bitrix24 suite of tools is extensive, and it may seem overwhelming at times, which means it requires time to master.

- Has a free plan.
- The Basic plan starts at $39 per user/month, annually billed.
- The Standard plan starts at $76 per user/month, annually billed.
- The Professional plan starts at $152 per user/month, annually billed.

  • CentraHub CRM (Great customer service CRM for workflow automation): CentraHub CRM is a powerful package on its own, with additional modules available for specific industries such as real estate, retail, and project management. The survey features are a nice touch for monitoring customer satisfaction.

Advantages: CentraHub's contact and customer database contains useful indicators like "likes" and "dislikes" as well as product catalogs with warranty information and contract terms. Incoming tickets from email, social media, or web forms are grouped and routed individually in a single platform. Users can establish workflows using the software to handle frequently occurring issues or guide customers to relevant knowledge bases. Ticket stats and team performance metrics are available, along with survey features for monitoring customer satisfaction.

Drawbacks: The main drawback is that the best features are only available on the pricier plans.

The startup plan - is $16 per user/month, annually billed.
The professional plan - is $30 per user/month, annually billed.
The enterprise plan - is $50 per user/month, annually billed.
The ultimate plan - is $83 per user/month, annually billed.

  • Salesforce Service Cloud (Good service CRM to work with sales and marketing): Salesforce CRM is a well-known name in the sales CRM staging, especially when it comes to streamlining contact management for sales teams. With its diverse range of capabilities for marketing automation, lead management, and service management, CentraHub provides a comprehensive solution to support various aspects of business operations.

Salesforce provides a wealth of contact information, sales pipeline, messaging options, and chatbots to enable team members to remain proactive in customer service. There is also a high degree of customization available. The service module facilitates the swift resolution of customer issues, thereby enhancing customer retention. Additionally, the platform offers a robust AI tool called Einstein for advanced support management.

Compared to some other CRM service packages, Salesforce's Charge seems a bit steep for the essentials offered in the lower tiers.

The (Essentials) plan- is $25 per user/month, annually billed.
The (Professional) plan- $75 per user/month, annually billed.
The (Enterprise) plan- $150 per user/month, annually billed.
The (Unlimited) plan- $300 per user/month, annually billed.

What makes a great CRM platform?

 A great CRM podium is one that provides an effective solution for managing a company's customer relationships. It should have features that allow a company to collect and analyze customer data, as well as to automate business processes related to customer communication. Good software should enable a company to understand its customers' needs, preferences, behaviors, and expectations, which are critical to improving customers' experience and fostering loyalty. It should also provide an integrated view of the customer across all touchpoints and facilitate cross-functional collaboration. In addition, a great CRM platform should be user-friendly, customizable, and flexible, making it easy for companies to adapt to their specific needs and integrate with other systems. Ultimately, a great CRM platform should help companies to achieve their business goals and to drive growth.

Is Learning customer service CRM Software Hard?

 Learning Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can be challenging, especially for those who are not tech-savvy. However, the level of difficulty varies depending on the business needs and the specific CRM software being used. Some of the best CRM software, such as Salesforce and HubSpot, are user-friendly and come with detailed tutorials and support resources that can help users learn the platform quickly. On the other hand, many CRM is complex CRM software designed for customer service management and have customer service tools and may require extensive training and expertise such as Zoho CRM or Monday sales CRM, which can make the learning process quite challenging. Ultimately, individuals who are committed to learning the ins and outs of their chosen CRM software can benefit from the numerous advantages that this service tool offers in terms of business efficiency and customer satisfaction. Zesh Solutions provide the best CRM software solutions along with awesome customer service agents.

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